Hawlati is a private independent media network delivering news and features to Kurdish speaking readers in an unbiased and professional manner, through a weekly newspaper in print, a website, and social media outlets.

Hawlati Newspaper was established on 11/5/2000 as an independent newspaper and the first private media outlet after the founding of the Baath party in 1968, a fact widely known by Iraqi media specialists and historians. As the first independent media outlet, it presented the notion of free media in the Kurdistan Region and forced checks and balances on the party-affiliated media outlets, a new step in Kurdish media.

Printed weekly upon being released, soon it became twice weekly and later the first independent daily newspaper. More than 1750 issues were released over 15 years until in 2014 after the war on ISIS and the economic crisis ensued the newspaper was forced to shut down on 25/2/2015 due to the financial burden.

After a two year hiatus, on 4/4/2018 Hawlati restarted as a weekly newspaper, a website, and social media outlets.